Celebrity Name Game is a hilarious new game show that premiered in Fall 2014 that combines the best of pop culture with the best of comedy.


The syndicated, half-hour weekday strip, hosted by Emmy-nominated funny-man Craig Ferguson and executive produced by Courtney Cox and David Arquette.


The game involves two teams, each consisting of two contestants, attempting to identify celebrities and fictional characters. They are joined by two guest celebrities who assist the teams for all but one segment of the show. Each team is presented with two categories, each containing ten names. One partner will give clues, trying to get the other partners to guess the names. Successful guesses earn money. An illegal clue (saying the name or part of the name, spelling the name, or rhyming the name) voids that name. Each turn lasts for 45 seconds. In the first two rounds, the team that plays first gets to choose one of two categories. The second team must play the remaining category.


In Round 1, the celebrity gives the clues while turning back and forth to alternately face each contestant, and each correct answer is worth $100, up to $1,000 total. In Round 2, the team that went second in Round 1 plays first, the celebrities switch teams, a  contestant gives clues while alternately facing each contestant, and each answer is worth $200, up to $2,000 total.


In the third round, the contestants go head to head while Ferguson gives the clues to names under one more category. Unlike the first two rounds, Ferguson is allowed to use illegal clues if it becomes necessary, all the way up to simply saying the name. The contestants buzz in to make a guess. A right answer earns money for the team that answered, but a wrong answer grants the money to the opponent. The first answer is worth $100 and each successive answer increase in value by $100. Whoever scores $3,000 first (including their winnings from the first two rounds) is the champion, keeps the cash, and goes on to the bonus round to play for the prize of $20,000.


In the bonus round, there is no particular category. The names are hidden behind ten numbered squares. Some of them hide pictures of the person, character, or thing. The contestants take turns giving the clues to both celebrities. One contestant is placed in a soundproof booth while the other gives clues. The current giver starts describing when a name or picture is exposed. If the celebrity receivers get it right, the name stays revealed. Passing on a name re-conceals it. This round lasts for a total of 75 seconds; the first contestant has 45 seconds, and the second has 30 seconds. If the first clue giver provides an illegal clue to a name, that name is replaced by a different one for the second clue giver. Any illegal clue by the second clue giver, however, ends the round immediately. Getting all ten increases the team's total winnings to $20,000. Otherwise, the team takes home only the amount they had earned by the end of Round 3.